Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Waiting for The Teacher

St Vincent Room plays build a house when we are waiting for our teacher after break times.
In Build-a-house the leader draws a line (or some lines) on the whiteboard and the children try to guess the letters. If they get the letter wrong the leader draws one line of a simple house.
First you guess the vowels -a e I o u. When you have got two then you guess the consonants.
It is like Hangman but our teacher does not like that game!


  1. Hello St Vincent Room

    We think your game is a good one. We will play it on Friday.

    From Weka Class

  2. I wonder what else would be fun to draw?
    Room 7 @ Morningside

  3. That looks like good fun. We like the way you described it.
    From Room 14


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