Friday, September 27, 2013

Last Day of Term!!

We threw ourselves into full scale MASK PAINTING mode today - the Nelson Mask Parade is at the end of the first week back next term so we wanted to get the bulk of the work done before we broke for holidays.

We sang while we worked - practising our poem about the moon that we had put to music. The poem is called Moon In the Sky and it is by Jill Eggleton.

I look at the moon, in the sky at night, 
I look at the moon, when its big and bright.

I look at the moon, when its round like a ball.
I say to the moon "Never, ever fall!
If you fell from the sky,
It would be a mistake
For what a horrible hole
You would make!"

Here we are at end of term assembly getting ready to share it with our school community with Harrison taking responsibility for the impromptu introduction.

Tonight we are celebrating end of term with a blacklight disco!
Have you ever been to one?

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