Monday, September 9, 2013

Discovery Time in St V by Ms Kelly

Friday Funday aka Discovery Time Day is proving a real hit in our room!
This highly social time fosters creative play and a Have-a-Go attitude.
We all set up a variety of student negotiated activities and have two social goals we reflect on afterwards.
Last week our goals were
To ask in polite calm voices
To take turns and share

During reflection we discovered that when we take turns and ask politely Discovery Time is much more fun for everyone and there are fewer hassles and Ms Kelly can enjoy her playing too!
Here is a collage made on the iPad of our recent session! 
Can you spot the Rube Goldberg style machine?


  1. Your discovery time looks fun! We have developmental but we don't set goals, we just create things and play.

    From Room 7 @ Morningside

  2. Hello!
    Those are cool pictures of your Discovery Time. We are going to try balancing on a pipe during our Friday Funday time. Thank you for the idea. From Weka Class @ Ladbrooks School

    1. Our pipe is a very thick cardboard tube. We want more but we can't remember where we got it from!

  3. We have Friday fun day as well it is my favourite day. from Quinton @ Morningside


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