Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Poems inspired by Michael Rosen's "Chocolate Cake"

Cheese Cake
by Samantha Wilson (8)

I love Cheese Cake. And when I was young I loved it even more.
When I take a bite, the creamy stuff oozes out the sides of my mouth like froth and it feels cold on my teeth, and when my teeth hit the crunchy biscuit at the bottom, I can hear the crackling noise that it makes when it breaks. When I first tried cheese cake, it was all around my mouth and was even up my nose, it was sticky, gooey and crunchy but delicious.
When I was four I thought cheese cake was made of cheese. But later on , I found out that wasn't true, because it wasn't yellow and it didn't have holes in it. When I hear the words "cheese cake" my mouth waters and I feel hungry.
When it gets served at the table, I look at it, I grab a slice and then I gobble it up like a hungry turkey.

By Samantha.

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  1. That poem is one of my all time favourites.

    I love reading it out loud.


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