Monday, March 7, 2011

Vincent's Letter to Mr Mayor

St Vincent Room

Auckland Point School

111 Haven Road


Dear Mr Mayor,

Louis and Eden and Luke wrote to you about renaming of the track on Victoria Heights. We wrote last year.

Someone wants to call it The Will Watch Way Extension and we wrote to ask could you please think about The Goat Track, because that’s what all the people and kids up on the hill call it.

Before Christmas Louis and I came to the special meeting room to talk to Mr Richard Johnson about The Goat Track.

So we have a new name for to call it......Ara te Koati.

Mr Richard Johnson said you like Maori words.

Mr Mayor I’ve walked down the track for a very long time.

Can we come to the meeting to tell the people why we want to call it the Goat Track.

From Vincent Macalister

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